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horseback riding

Posted on: August 22, 2009

went horseback riding with casey (for the second time).  both times we went up payson canyon.  this time we went a little further up payson canyon to a trail that starts at Jone’s Ranch (i think that’s what it was).  i used a new gps app on my iPhone to track our trail.  we went 5 miles and it was beautiful:  http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=320831. Janise, Lauri, Casey and I went.  we had lots of fun.  we ran with the horses a couple of times.  my horse (dodger) was the biggest.  casey says he’s also pretty head-strong- he goes where he wants when he wants.  he obeyed me 99% of the time.  on our first ride with casey he took off running after jan and casey started running.  but mine didn’t follow the trail- he went off on the side and we made our own trail!  it’s pretty dangerous because you can hit a gopher hole and your “done” (e.g. christopher reeves).   scarier, though is how my horse wandered off the trail and then was heading for a big 2 meter x 2 meter hole in the prairie.  i was scared.  somehow we missed it- but just barely.  now the second ride we did (this last wednesday) the same thing kind of happened.  the other horses were running and mine wandered off the trail a bit.  ahead of us i saw a deep ravine (3′ deep, 3′ across aprox.).  it scared me as we came closer and closer.  as soon as we got to it dodge tripped- not enough for us to fall and roll over, but enough that my left foot fell out of the strap and my body weight was shifted heavily to the right.  i was now running with the biggest horse using one foot, and one strap.  i tried to get hiim to stop by pulling back on the reins and saying “whoa” over and over.  he finally stopped when he wanted to stop.  i was able to get my foot back in but it scared the bejezus out of me.   actually, i had been just as scared at the first incident with dodger the other time, as i was this time (now that i think of it).  so we came to a stop and janise had her left foot through her strap all the way!  that could have been just as bad as my situation!  if she would have fallen she would have been dragged by one leg until the horse stopped.  i think i was more scared for her than she was.  maybe i’m just kind of a worry-wart, i dunno.

i shouldn’t spend so much time on the scary parts of the ride b/c the vast majority of it was fun..  it was relaxing, beautiful, and nice and cool in the summer weather (we had plenity of shade).  on our first ride we saw hundreds of elk (over 300 at least!).  beautiful site.  beautiful rides.  we’re so grateful casey’s taken us out twice.  it’s been very memorable!

saturday:  today gabby and i dropped janise off at Marnie’s in Provo to nanny.  we had to kill some time while she worked so we went bike shopping at a bunch of didfferent shops in the valley.  it was so hot!  we stopped at target and bought some veggies and marshmallows for us to make when we go camping.  gabby started 3rd grade and is loving it.  she’s in mrs. warwood’s class.  gabby’s an over-achiever- she is lisa from the simpsons.  she told me this week she wants to be a nerd b/c then one day when she’s grown up she will make lots of money.  lol that’s actually the right mentality to have to be successful in college.  and she’s very sociable so she’ll be a well-rounded and well-liked “nerd”, for sure.

she just had her baptism (tuesday).  we had lots of people over and ate hot dogs, chips and janise’s layered cake.  she said, “i felt good.  i think i might have felt the holy ghost”.  (s-f p?)


2 Responses to "horseback riding"

That ride sounds awful! I’ve never been on a horse, if you can believe that. Considering I was raised in a very rural area.

Still, Payson canyon is beautiful, I love the little lakes up there.

Who baptized Gabby?

hey froggey! never??? wow. u should try it sometime. my father-in-law baptized her and my dad confirmed.

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